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Return to the Stars, a tabletop science fiction role playing game, helps players create their own stories in an optimistic space opera setting.   This quickstart edition gives you rules, pre-generated characters, and an introductory scenario so you can get right into having fun.

Return to the Stars is designed to allow the creation of characters that evoke the best elements of geek culture. In the far future hyperspace travel gave easy access to countless worlds, and humanity sorted itself into like-minded communities. One such society was the Convention Authority, founded to celebrate the now classical arts of science fiction, fantasy, and gaming.

One day, without warning, the stellar beacon that illuminated hyperspace went silent rendering galactic travel impossible. The systems of the Convention Authority stayed connected thanks to a replica fleet of early starships. Now, after more than a century of effort, a long-range exploration craft has been built. Its purpose: to return to the stars and reconnect with lost civilizations of humanity.

The players of Return to the Stars are a new generation of geeks — makers, genetically enhanced cosplayers, scientists, and pop culture enthusiasts setting out on an adventure of exploration and discovery. 

If you enjoy tales filled with optimism and hope, where players can paint a better future in bold primary colors, then you should prepare to Return to the Stars! 

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorFestive Ninja
GenreRole Playing
Tagshopepunk, Narrative, Sci-fi, Tabletop


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So, I just started reading this after our conversation on Discord. I like the premise, and the formatting. But ugh, having to explain the Fate rules in the text takes up a lot of verbose blah-blah. They only seem simple on the surface. I'm on page 23 and tempted to skip ahead to the good parts.